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Silk'n ToothWave

₱15,000.00 Regular price ₱13,500.00
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Silk'n ToothWave

₱15,000.00 Regular price ₱13,500.00
Unit price


The Silk’n ToothWave provides the ultimate in dental hygiene using the latest in clinically proven technology that goes way beyond brushing. Powered by DentalRF technology, ToothWave is the 1st toothbrush to use RF energy!


DentalRF patented technology by Silk’n is the first dental care concept to recognize that brushing, as efficient as it may be, cannot tackle stubborn impurities. Instead, DentalRF™ waves of charged molecules destabilize the strong bonds that tie stubborn impurities to the tooth’s surface. Over time DentalRF™ reduces those stubborn impurities, leading to a cleaner, brighter-looking smile.

The first of its kind to carry the coveted Silk’n name, this sonic toothbrush does more than just clean teeth. In fact, it delivers on all levels of oral hygiene. Utilizing patented Dental RF™Technology, the Silk’n ToothWave removes discolouration, stains and tartar so as to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.


One may ask how this differs from an electric toothbrush? The answer lies in the speed of the rotating and oscillating brush head as well as the way in which the sonic waves remove plaque and cleans teeth. In fact, the Silk’n ToothWave is known to clean teeth up to 10 times faster than its electric counterpart making it the most effective toothbrush on the market.



  • Overall teeth whitening back to their natural shade of white.
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Stain removal
  • Tartar reduction, which ultimately leads to:
  • Elimination of gum disease
  • Termination of tooth decay progress


How it works

The DentalRF™ technology in this electric toothbrush sends mild radio frequency waves consisting of charged molecules to the surface of each tooth and molar. These molecules destabilise the strong bonds that attach impurities (e.g. tartar, stains, plaque) to the tooth surface3. Tartar, discoloration, stains, gum inflammation and gum bleeding are consequently reduced.

4 MODES OF OPERATION, LONG BATTERY LIFE & WATERPROOF - Choose between 3 vibration speeds (slow, medium or fast vibration) or decide to brush your teeth without any vibrations. In all vibration speeds the DentalRF technology is active. It is rechargeable (up to 2 weeks battery life), waterproof, has a 30 sec interval timer, plus a 2 minutes automatic shut-off timer.

SAFE, GENTLE & NON-ABRASIVE - Other toothbrushes work mechanically, and rely on hard enough bristles to sweep away impurities. But with ToothWave, the DentalRF electrochemical mechanism of action reduces stubborn impurities even with soft or extra-soft bristles. ToothWave is non abrasive to both teeth enamel and gums. Safe with implants, fillings, and braces.

DAILY ORAL HYGIENE - ToothWave is intended for personal home-use, twice a day for 2 minutes each time, and may take 4-6 weeks to show results. ToothWave package includes replaceable brush heads in 2 sizes.


  • 30 Sec. interval timer
  • 2 min. shutoff timer
  • DentalRF inside
  • 3 vibration speeds and a manual brushing option
  • Rechargeable with up to 2 weeks battery life
  • Waterproof for safe use in the shower
  • Replaceable brush heads in 2 sizes


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