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Silk'n Infinity with Cleansing Box

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Silk'n Infinity with Cleansing Box

₱22,000.00 Regular price ₱19,800.00
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Silk'n presents a new technique in hair removal. We are proud to introduce Silk'n Infinity's eHPL™ technology which uses pulses of light to permanently remove undesired hair growth without stubble, ingrown hairs, redness or other irritation. This device is equipped with just the right intensity to heal and rejuvenate your skin at the same time. With Infinity’s added galvanic energy, you go beyond hair removal, you get skin rejuvenation too. It is furthermore the most revolutionary method of hair removal at home and is already regarded as the gold standard.

Infinitely smooth skin, without any pain or irritation, is finally at your fingertips! 

  • Long-lasting hair removal for body and face with eHPL™
  • Up to 92% hair reduction after completing the treatment sessions*
  • Suitable for all skin tones
  • With 500,000 light pulses and Bluetooth pulse counter
  • Pulsing and gliding method

 Sold with the Cleansing Box

Features and Benefits

  • Painless, irritation-free at-home hair removal – no more trips to the salon
  • Suitable for many different hair colors and skin types
  • Leaves skin smooth and supple
  • No refill cartridges necessary – good for a lifetime of treatments
  • Pulsing and gliding methods allow you to target treatment areas
  • Five power settings for customized treatment levels
  • Quartz bulb allow for quick reloading and faster pulses
  • Includes free app to schedule treatments


How it works

Silk’n hair removal devices are based on HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology, which is a proprietary and patented technology we use to give you lasting hair removal results.

HPL™ is safe and effective for long-term hair removal because it uses optical light energy.

A quartz bulb delivers the optical light pulse, which is directed into the skin. The light energy is absorbed by the pigment in the hair shaft and is transformed into heat. This heat destroys the hair so it won’t grow back, while leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. The result is an effective, and virtually painless, treatment.

With the Infinity, we’ve improved on this technology by adding the power of galvanic energy for an even more powerful treatment, destroying deeply rooted, stubborn hair and stimulating your skin, leaving it soft and supple.

How eHPL hair removal technology works
Galvanic energy is delivered through an electrode plate located at the rear of the Infinity device, near the treatment area. When the electrode touches the skin, the skin pores open, allowing optical energy to reach deeply to the root of the hair follicle, giving it access to even the most coarse, stubborn hairs. This energy also stimulates your skin to improve circulation and tone, while allowing for optimal absorption of post-treatment lotion -- perfect for those who struggle with dry, irritated skin.

After every treatment, the number of hairs is reduced, resulting in beautiful, smooth results for life.

What does “long-term hair removal” mean?
The Silk’n Infinity is designed to facilitate the long-term reduction of hair growth. This means, with regular use as directed, you can expect to see fewer and fewer unwanted hairs grow back, ultimately leading to hair-free skin for life.

Will our patented eHPL™ technology work for you?
The Silk’n hair removal device is safe and effective for women and men. It is designed for use on the face (cheekbones down), legs, arms, underarms, bikini lines, and other areas of the body where unwanted hair grows.

Our patented HPL technology is best suited for lighter skin tones and darker hair. Our built-in skin color sensor prevents the device from turning on if the skin tone is too dark to treat. That means if your skin is too dark for the level you’ve chosen, there’s an automatic fail safe built in to prevent any damage to your skin.

This beauty tool is ideal for use with lighter skin tones (I to V on the Fitzpatrick Skin Tone Classification Scale, see diagram) and brown-to black hair and may work on blonde, grey or red hair if there is enough pigment. With five available energy levels, you can choose the level you’re most comfortable with. We recommend starting at level one just until your body gets used to using this type of system.

Silk'n Infinity has been clinically proven. Independent research* has shown that this hair removal device can be used safely and effectively in a typical home environment. The device is easy to use and results in up to 92.3%* hair reduction after six treatments with two weeks in between each session. Infinity is also recommended by leading dermatologists.

Unique: Suitable for all skin tones
Silk'n Infinity is our very first hair removal device that is suitable for all skin tones, including the darkest skin tones. However, the treatment is most effective on light skin with dark hair. The device is safe to use thanks to the skin colour sensor, which automatically scans your skin: if your skin is too dark for a particular energy setting, the sensor will light up and will stop emitting pulses of light. Consult the colour chart to see which of the five energy levels is most appropriate for your skin and hair colour.


How to use

Treatment process:

  1. Remove all jewelry before use.
  2. Before treatment, the skin should be shaved, clean, dry and free of any powders, antiperspirants or deodorants. Do not wax, pluck or tweeze the hair out.
  3. Be sure to cover up tattoos, moles, warts, large freckles, black spots or other marks on the skin that should not be treated. Use a material that does not absorb the light, such as a white cloth or white medical tape.
  4. Press the control button. The device will turn on, the level 1 energy level indicator light will be on, and a fan sound will start.
  5. Approximately one second after pressing the control button, the ready/skin tone warning indicator light (green) will turn on. The device is now ready for you to trigger the first pulse at the lowest energy level. Always start at energy level 1.
  6. Select the energy level you are most comfortable with.
  7. Place the Infinity’s treatment surface on the skin and press the pulse button to deliver one pulse. Make sure your hand touches the base electrode together with the pulse button.

Note: The galvanic treatment works to enlarge your pores for a better application of the treatment. If you do not make hand contact with the base electrode, no galvanic treatment circulation will be emitted.

  1. Press the pulse button. The device will first determine your skin color. If the skin color is light enough for safe application, the device will activate the galvanic circulation. You might feel a slight tingling sensation. This is completely normal. Directly afterwards, the device will flash a pulse of light onto your skin, and the ready/skin tone warning indicator light will turn off. You will see a bright flash of light and simultaneously hear a popping sound, which is a normal noise for the device. You will feel a mild sensation of warmth and tingling. The device will immediately recharge for the next pulse. After a few seconds the ready/skin tone warning indicator light will turn on again and start blinking slowly when pressed against the skin.
  2. Remove the Infinity treatment surface from the treated area of skin.
  3. Decide if you wish to treat the area by gliding or pulsing (read more below about the difference between the two treatment styles). If you are pulsing, place the treatment surface on an adjacent part of your skin, and trigger a pulse. If you are gliding, hold the pulse button down continuously and slide the device smoothly along the treated area. Keep pulsing or gliding until you have covered the target area
  4. To make the most of the Infinity’s treatment benefits, apply moisturizing cream to treated areas following treatment. Because of the galvanic energy, your pores will be open, allowing for deeper absorption of the cream, leaving your skin more hydrated and improving tone and texture.

Hair removal treatment plan
A typical full hair growth cycle may take 18 to 24 months. During this time, multiple hair removal sessions will be required in order to achieve long-lasting hair removal.

The efficiency of hair removal varies from person to person according to body area, hair color and how the device is used.

Here’s what a typical hair removal plan should look like during a full hair growth cycle:

Treatments 1 to 4:  Two weeks apart.

Treatments 5 to 7:  Four weeks apart.

Treatments 8+:  Treat as needed, until desired hair removal results are achieved.

Energy levels
The device has five levels of energy from 1 (the lowest) to 5 (the highest), represented by five energy level indicator lights. The energy level you use controls the intensity of the light pulse projected on your skin during hair removal treatments, from the lowest level to the highest level. As the energy level increases, so do hair removal results, as well as the risk of possible side effects and complications. Please read your product manual thoroughly to understand these potential impacts. Also remember to always start treatments at the lowest energy level and increase it gradually as your personal comfort allows.


How to adjust energy levels
When the device is turned on, the energy level is automatically set to level 1 automatically. Only one energy level indicator light will be on. To change the energy level, press the control button repeatedly to button again to reduce the energy level from 5 back to 1.

For best hair removal results, always begin your first use at the lowest energy setting.


Pulsing and Gliding

Pulsing is the best technique for treating specific spots or small areas. It’s ideal for facial hair removal (such as upper lip hair removal), men's back hair removal and treating other targeted areas of the body.

To pulse, press the treatment surface against your skin. Work in rows either across or down the treatment area. The treatment surface creates temporary pressure marks on the treated area so you can see areas you have treated. After each pulse, move the treatment surface to the next spot. Keep doing this pulsing action for the area you are treating.

Avoid gaps or overlaps as you use the device.

Gliding is the best technique for treating larger parts of the body. This technique is perfect for leg hair removal, underarm hair removal and treating large sections of the body.

To glide, press the treatment surface firmly against your skin and slowly glide over your skin (either across or down as shown in the image). Make sure that the treatment surface is always touching your skin.

At lower energy levels, the device takes only one to 1.5 seconds to recharge between pulses. This generates a nonstop sequence of flashes. Glide at a regular speed to ensure you avoid gaps or overlaps.


Cleansing Box

The Silk'n Cleansing Box disinfection system is a clever invention to disinfect your hair removal device. Simply put your hair removal device in the Cleansing Box and your device is thoroughly disinfected within just 6 to 7 minutes.

The secret lies in the Cleansing Box’s blue LED light, which is well known for its antibacterial effects. The bacteria cells absorb this blue light and die. After disinfection your hair removal device is hygienically clean, so sharing your device with your partner, for example, is no longer a problem.

This revolutionary system has never appeared on the market before; other brands don’t have anything like it. The Silk'n Cleansing Box is exclusively available at Silk'n.

  • The Silk'n Cleansing Box disinfection system is a clever invention to disinfect your hair removal device.
  • Silk’n Cleansing Box works only with the following hair removal devices: Silk’n Glide and Silk’n Infinity.


  1. Disinfection heads
  2. Device activated on/off button
  3. Internal blue LEDs
  4. External blue LEDs
  5. Release lip
  6. Battery compartment


  • Use batteries with the correct polarity. Do not mix new and used batteries.
  • Remove exhausted batteries from the device. If the appliance is to be stored unused for a long period, please remove the batteries.
  • The supply terminals are not to be short circuited.
  • Do not recharge batteries.

Warning! We recommend that you do not operate the On/Off switch manually to protect your eyes from concentrated light.

How to use:

  1. Place the batteries inside the compartment.
  2. Select the correct disinfection head for your device. To swap heads, release the head from the device. Use a small blunt tool to lever the head off the device carefully. There is a small lip to insert the tool. Make sure that the correct head is placed in the direction shown in the diagram.
  3. Next, place the device into the disinfection head, with the treatment surface face down. It will fit snuggly if the correct head is in place.
  4. Push the device down so it presses on the On/Off button to activate the box. The blue LEDs will turn on automatically for 5-6 minutes. This is the amount of time required for a full disinfection process. It is also possible to stop the disinfection process before time, by pushing the device down again so it presses the On/Off button and deactivates the box.


What is the Silk’n Infinity?
The Silk’n Infinity is a light-based hair removal device that uses both galvanic and optical energy to deliver the best possible hair removal results in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

This new technology not only removes stubborn unwanted hair far more efficiently than other technologies, but also revitalizes the skin at the same time, leaving it silky smooth. 

How does it work?
The device emits both energies at the same time, but each has a different function. Galvanic energy opens your pores, ensuring that the optical energy can easily access the follicles. The optical energy is absorbed selectively in the hair shaft and removes hairs in the fastest possible way. After each treatment, hair growth is reduced. Because the skin pores are open after treatment, you can apply a body lotion for perfect skin. The result leaves you with silky smooth skin with a radiant glow. The skin pores close by themselves.

How do I activate the eHPL technology?
The device emits eHPL technology in the form of a light pulse, which is delivered through an electrode plate located near the bottom of the device. To activate the eHPL technology, all you have to do is lightly touch the electrode plate with your fingers and hold the device on the desired hair removal area at the same time. Hold the device with one hand, with your fingers touching both the front (the light pulse button) and the back (the electrode plate). When you press the light pulse button, galvanic and optical energy are emitted to the treatment surface (the glass pane) in order to remove hairs. To learn more, watch a video of this process on our product page.

Is it suitable for everyone?
The Infinity is suitable for both women and men. This device is not recommended for users with certain health conditions, so please make sure that you read the contraindications found in the Infinity user m­­­­­­anual before you start your treatments.

What kind of age restrictions does the Infinity have?
The body undergoes a number of hormonal changes during adolescence, so treatments may be less effective to those going through puberty. As a general guideline, we recommend individuals under the age of 16 avoid using the Infinity, or any of our HPL hair removal devices. There is no maximum age for adults who want to use the device.

Is it effective on blonde, grey, red or white hair?
The Silk'n Infinity may work on blonde, grey or red hair if there is enough pigment to attract the light. We don’t recommend you use it on white hair, as results will be minimal.      

Can I treat myself if I have suntanned skin or after sun exposure?
The lowest energy level (1) is designed for safe use even after sun exposure. If you use energy levels 2 to 5, avoid exposure to the sun for four weeks before and two weeks after your treatment. This applies to all skin types, even those that don't seem to tan quickly.

In which areas can I use the device?
In general, the Infinity can be used on the body and face, except for the eye area, nipples and genitals. There are exceptions to this rule due to skin conditions and/or diseases. To learn more, please read the device manual carefully.

Does it provide safe hair removal?
Yes, with Silk’n, safety always comes first. The Infinity has been put through rigorous testing to ensure safe, long-term operation. The low energy used in Silk’n hair removal devices reduces its potential to cause harm or complications and contributes to your overall safety. eHPL technology can achieve long-term hair removal results at a fraction of the energy level used in professional light-based hair removal equipment.

Do treatments hurt?
Most users report no pain at all; instead, most report feeling a slight sensation of heat and tingling when a light pulse is emitted. Users with thicker and darker hairs may feel slightly more, but this subsides once the hair removal session is completed. For your convenience, this device has five energy levels that can be set according to your own sensitivity and tolerance. It is important that you don't treat the same area of skin more than once per hair removal session as this increases the likelihood of adverse effects.

What is the skin color sensor?
This is a built-in safety sensor which stops the device from emitting a light pulse if your skin tone is too dark for treatment. The sensor ensures that your skin is being protected.         

How long does it take to remove my hair?
The time it takes for full hair removal can vary depending on the area of the body that is treated. Do you want to remove hair quickly? Silk’n Infinity can produce individual light pulses at automatic intervals. This gliding method is unique, ultra-fast and you can simply glide the device over your skin. With this method a full-body treatment takes less than 20 minutes.

How often should I use it?
Typical hair removal plan during a full hair growth cycle:

  • Treatments 1 to 4: Two weeks apart
  • Treatments 5 to 7: Four weeks apart
  • Treatments 8+: Treat as needed until desired results are achieved
  • Maintenance: from time to time some upkeep may be needed if growth is still visible.

Why does the device sometimes not emit a light pulse?
Make sure that the treatment surface and the Skin Colour Sensor are in full contact with your skin. If the device doesn't emit a light pulse at all, please contact customer support.

How long should I continue treatment?
It will take six to eight months for desired results, however a typical full hair growth cycle can take 18 to 24 months. During this time additional sessions may be required in order to achieve long-term hair results. The duration of hair removal sessions varies per person according to their body area, hair colour and how the device is used.

When can I expect results? 
As with any light-based or laser hair removal device, results are not immediate. In fact, hair may sometimes appear to be growing back after a hair removal session, but typically after two weeks many of these hairs will simply fall out. Also, hair grows in three different stages and only hairs in an active growth stage will be affected. Thus, hairs that are not active cannot be targeted. This is one of the main reasons why multiple sessions are required to achieve the desired result.

Why does it work without cartridges?
Silk'n Infinity contains enough pulses for a lifetime of full-body treatments, so no replacement cartridges are needed! There is no need to ever purchase a refill, saving you even more money.

Can I shave in between treatments?
Yes. For better results and a better experience, we recommend you shave before and in between treatments. We do not recommend you wax, because the hair shaft will be removed and therefore cannot be treated. Also, do not pluck or tweeze the hair out. 

Why is my hair growing even though I treated it a week ago?
It is quite common for hair to appear as if it is still growing up to two weeks after a hair removal session. This process is known as ejection, and after about two weeks you’ll see that these hairs simply fall out. Please do not pull out the treated hairs, just let them fall out naturally.   

Can I use this product when pregnant or nursing?
We recommend you don’t use this device when you’re pregnant or nursing.

How do I clean my device?
You can use Silk'n Cleansing Box (in some cases included in the Silk'n Infinity packaging or in case you only bought the Infinity device, then the Cleansing Box can be purchased separately) to disinfect your device. The blue LED-light actively kills bacteria, which makes sharing your device easy and convenient. It is also advisable to clean your device with a dry, clean cloth and a specially formulated cleaner for electronic equipment. Make sure you clean the treatment surface properly. Never immerse the device or any of its parts in water!

Do I need the Silk'n App?
You do not necessarily need the Silk'n App; your device will also function without it. But it is very helpful. The App has a handy tool to plan your treatments in a scheduler. When it's time for your next hair removal session, the App will send you automated alerts to notify you beforehand. This way, you will never forget a session again. You can download the app on Android and iOS devices.

If you do not wish to use the App, you can use the treatment plan schedule in the user manual.

I have trouble pairing my Silk'n device with the Silk'n app. What should I do?
Turn the Flight mode on your device on and off and try to connect again. If this does not help, contact Silk'n Customer Service center.

What is the benefit of the Bluetooth connection?
With Bluetooth connectivity you are able to view the remaining number of light pulses. Bluetooth connectivity is also able to lock the device to prevent usage by children.

Previously, I chose to lock my Silk'n device against unauthorized use. Now my smartphone is no longer available and my Silk'n Infinity is locked. How can I unlock my Silk'n device without my smartphone?
Press the POWER BUTTON in your Silk'n device for 7 seconds. The lock will be cancelled and your Silk'n device will be operational again.

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