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Genacol Derma Collagen + Vitamins

Regular price ₱4,200.00
Unit price

Genacol Derma Collagen + Vitamins

Regular price ₱4,200.00
Unit price

Genacol AminoLock® Collagen helps to relieve joint pain associated with osteoarthritis and helps to improve overall skin health, as well as the appearance and quality of hair and nails. 💆‍♀️

More than collagen, it has multivitamins too 💪🏼

💖 Vitamin C: acts as an antioxidant and accelerates production of both collagen and elastin

💖 Silicon: plays a role in improving hair and nail quality, as well as in skin healing

💖 Vitamin B5: preserves moisture in the skin, which improves skin elasticity, helps prevent acne and reduces signs of aging

💖 Vitamin B3: conditions skin and treats several skin conditions and irritations

💖 Vitamin B1: strengthens the immune system and soothes the nervous system, helping to prevent stress-related breakouts

💖 Vitamin B2: aids cell turnover and maintenance of collagen, which can protect the integrity of skin, reduce inflammation, and speed up wound healing

💖 Vitamin B6: helps the body produce serotonin, melatonin, and norepinephrine among others, which improves sleep quality and curbs stress that may prevent skin breakouts

💖 Vitamin E: acts as an antioxidant that may be effective at reducing UV damage in skin

💖 Zinc: helps in combatting inflammation that may relieve redness and irritation associated with acne

💖 Biotin: fights inflammation and protects against acne, fungal infections and rashes and plays a role in keeping skin moist and plump

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