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CellulitiX Cream

₱3,800.00 Regular price ₱2,800.00
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CellulitiX Cream

₱3,800.00 Regular price ₱2,800.00
Unit price
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1 box
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Get firmer, smoother skin in just 4 to 6 weeks!

The CellulitiX revolutionary formula works to release fat from storage, slimming down your legs and rear while firming up skin for a smoother complexion.
  • Clinically Proven Cellulite Treatment with Tremendous Skin Firming Results
  • Fast Cellulite removal
  • Visible Results Within 4 to 6 Weeks
  • Developed by a Unique Team of Top Plastic Surgeons and Pharmacists.
Developed by top professionals in the plastic surgery and pharmaceutical fields, the CellulitiX Cream and Massager work together as a full system for fast visible results. Quickly and easily erase and reduce cellulite in as little as 4 weeks.

3 CellulitiX™ Treatment Regimens:

1. Shock Phase
92% of women achieve excellent results with this intensive, short-term shock treatment phase. This treatment is suitable for women with moderate to severe cellulite desiring results in a short time. After the intensive treatment, women felt the buns and legs already tighter after two weeks. Within 4 to 6 weeks, there was a considerable improvement in the appearance of the cellulite!

Application: 2 times daily for about 4-6 weeks.

2. Treat Phase
This treatment is less intensive than the shock treatment phase and is suitable for women with reduced cellulite or women who want to preserve the anti-cellulite result over time. This program delivers smooth buns and legs for a longer period (average 4-5 months). It is ideal as a continuation of the intensive phase of shock treatment for maximum sustained effect.

Application: 1 time daily for about 12 weeks

3. Maintenance Phase
For women who have treated their cellulite in a continuous manner with the shock treatment phase and/or phase of treatment and have seen effective results, they will wish to retain the results. We advise you to choose the maintenance phase treatment later. This cure is the less intensive schedule, more user-friendly, and in the long-term, supplies a constant skin improving effect.

Application: 1 time every two or three days. One dispenser is good for +/- 20 weeks.

With each treatment, we recommend using the CellulitiX™ Massager for optimal absorption of the cream into the skin. This contributes to the duration and intensity of the anti-cellulite effect.

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