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What is Tightra?
Tightra is the first and only home-use device that utilizes Radio Frequency to address stress urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity.
How does it work?
Tightra utilizes Radio Frequency energy, clinically proven to promote the formation of collagen and elastin fibres reducing urinary incontinence and improving bladder control.
Is Tightra right for me?
Childbirth, aging hormonal factors and genetics can all contribute to weakened pelvic floor muscles. It is estimated that over 33% of women following childbirth and 55% of post-menopausal women, experience bladder control and other intimate health-related issues. Tightra is not recommended if you are pregnant or nursing.
Is Tightra safe?
Tightra has been clinically proven to be safe and effective. Radio Frequency energy has been used by the medical community for many years as an alternative for invasive surgery.
What safety features are built into Tightra?
  • 16 heat stabilizing sensors that constantly monitor skin temperature during use and will not exceed 43 degrees Celsius.
  • Touch sensor that ensures Radio Frequency energy will only be deployed when the electrodes are in proper contact with the skin. If proper contact is not achieved, the device will automatically shut down after 2 minutes.
  • When used in external mode, the device will only emit energy if it is moved along the skin.
  • Tightra automatically shuts down after the 20 minute recommended treatment period.
What material is Tightra made of?
  • Polycarbonate housing
  • Stainless steel chrome/gold-coated electrodes
  • Silicone button
Does using Tightra hurt?
You will experience a mild heat sensation during both the internal and external treatments. Slight redness or swelling around the area following an external treatment is normal and resolves quickly. Some users experience the need to urinate more frequently at the start of the internal treatment cycle. This is normal and resolves in a few days.
Can I control the energy levels?
Yes. The internal mode features three energy levels – low, regular and high.
Is it necessary to use any gel?
It is necessary to use gel for both the external and internal treatments to ensure consistent Radio Frequency distribution.
Can I use any type of gel?
We recommend using the Silk’n Intimate Gel which comes with the device. It can also be purchased online at silkn.ca and participating retailers. Should you decide to use a different gel, please select a water-based product to ensure optimal device results.
How long is a treatment session?
Session duration for both the internal and external modes is 20 minutes.
How often do I use Tightra?
The recommended initial treatment protocol is 2 - 3 times per week leaving at least one day in between treatments, for 4 weeks. Following the initial treatment period, reduce to once a week, then every 2 weeks or less to meet your specific needs.
What does the internal mode do?
Use this mode to tighten the vaginal tissue and muscles of the pelvic floor to increase muscle tone and reduce incontinence.
How do I use the internal mode?
  • Apply a small amount of Silk’n Intimate Gel to all electrodes.
  • Activate the low energy setting.
  • Device should be used lying down.
  • Insert the device into the vagina as far as is comfortable.
  • Increase heat level if desired.
  • For best results, use at highest level you are most comfortable with.
  • Rotate the device occasionally to maintain conductivity.
  • Tightra will automatically shut off after 20 minutes.
What does the external mode do?
Use this mode to tighten the external vulva skin tissue for an improved vaginal appearance.
How do I use the external mode?
  • Skin in the treatment area should be shaved, clean and dry. Ensure there are no products on the treatment area.
  • Apply a small amount of Silk’n intimate gel to the 3 chrome coloured electrodes.
  • Device should be used lying down.
  • Place the electrode on the labia (the external rounded folds of skin), ensuring there is good skin contact.
  • Move device slowly but firmly in a circular or linear motion.
  • If you do not feel any heat, the device is not in good skin contact.
  • You may need to reapply gel if you do not feel any heat.
  • Tightra will automatically shut off after 20 minutes.
  • You may experience slight redness or swelling in the treated area following the session. This may last between 2 – 5 days and is normal. Consult your physician if redness persists after 5 days.
After use protocol
Avoid interaction with very hot water for 2 days following treatment.
When can I expect to see results?
  • Using the Tightra 2x a week, you will begin to see results after 3 – 4 weeks.
  • The full regimen should be followed for 4 weeks.
Can I resume sexual activity and exercise following a treatment?
The treatment requires no recovery time. All regular activities can be resumed immediately.
How long does it take for the device to charge?
6 hours is required for the initial charge. For subsequent use, charge for at least 2 hours prior to treatment. Recharge the device after each 20minute treatment.
How do I care for my device?
  • Always disconnect the device from the adapter prior to cleaning.
  • Use a cleaning wipe to remove gel residue from the device and the tip surface.
  • Dry device with a clean paper/cloth towel
  • If using cleaning fluids, ensure alcohol content does exceed 70%. Acetone or abrasive cleansers will damage the device.
  • Never immerse the device or any of the components in water.
Can I use Tightra if I have piercings?
Yes, but all piercings must be removed prior to use.
How long after childbirth can I use Tightra?
Tightra should not be used until vaginal tissue is completely healed. As this can vary by woman, we suggest you consult your physician prior to usage.
Who should not use Tightra?
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing.
  • Transgender women, men, women under the age of 18, virgins.
  • If you have an electrical implant/device, pacemaker or defibrillator.
  • If you have concurrent conditions such as cardiac disorders, sensory disturbance, epilepsy, uncontrolled hypertension, liver or kidney disease.
  • If you have a metal IUD device. If you have a non-metal IUD device, consultant your physician prior to usage.
  • Have had vaginal or pelvic area surgery in the past 12 months.
  • Have a history of skin cancer and genital area cancer, or current condition of any other type of cancer, or pre-malignant moles.
  • Have a compromised immune system due to immuno-suppressive diseases including AIDS and HIV.
  • Are taking immuno-suppressive medication.
  • Have uncontrolled endocrine disorders such as diabetes, thyroid dysfunction or hormonal virilization.
  • Have a urinary, pelvic or pelvic tract infection.
  • Have an active condition in the treatment area including sores, psoriasis, eczema, rash, open lacerations, abrasions or lesions.
  • Are unable to sense heat due to illness or health related issue.
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