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What is Silk'n Jewel?

Silk’n Jewel is a light based hair removal device. It’s able to reduce unwanted hair on the body and face permanently with its HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology. This technology is the home version of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) used in beauty salons.

Does the Jewel hair removal device really work?
Yes, this product will give you the same results you would get from a professional device. In physician-led clinical trials, the Jewel demonstrated excellent hair removal results. The Jewel, like all of Silkn’s hair removal devices, is FDA cleared and Health Canada approved for removing unwanted hair in men and women. The FDA does not require any other products or accessories to be used in conjunction with the Jewel to achieve desired results.
How long does a single session take?

The amount of time for each hair removal session will differ depending on which part of the body you are treating. But, the Jewel does not require batteries, so it can be used for any amount of time. Don’t feel rushed to treat your desired area – take the time you need.

The time can vary depending on the area of the body that is treated. A full leg can take up to 15 minutes and one armpit can take 2 minutes. Do you want to remove hair quickly? The Touch&Glide technology is unique and ultra-fast. Silk'n Jewel can produce individual light pulses at automatic intervals. With this method you can simply glide the device over your skin.

How frequently should I use the Jewel hair removal device?
As with all our Silk’n hair removal devices, you should follow a schedule of 8-10 treatments every two weeks. From there, you should resume treatment if hair has grown back and continue to treat until you achieve your desired result. Each person will have a different total number of sessions, but most individuals will notice results after four treatments. After six treatments, most people notice excellent results. Typically, a woman will require eight full sessions in total, while men may require 10 to 12, because their hair is often more deeply rooted and stubborn.
Must I shave my hair before treatments? Can I wax, tweeze or use depilatory creams instead?

In order for our HPL treatment to work effectively, you must remove hair from the surface of your skin before you start your Jewel hair removal treatment – while still keeping the root of the hair intact.

That’s why we recommend shaving the hair, never waxing or tweezing it, or using depilatory hair-removal creams. These products remove the hair follicle, which can compromise your final results. If you have been waxing, plucking or using depilatory creams, give your hair two weeks to grow before you shave the treatment area and begin using your Silk’n Jewel hair removal device.

If you don’t shave the hair before you begin treatment with your Silk’n Jewel, the device will only remove the hair from the surface of your skin and not have a chance to reach the follicle. This may not lead to desired results. So, we always recommend using the Jewel on freshly shaven skin. If you don’t feel comfortable shaving certain areas of your body (such as your face or other sensitive areas) we recommend clipping or trimming the hair as close to the skin as possible to prepare it for treatment. To do this, you can try using cosmetic scissors or an electric trimmer.

When will I start seeing results from my Silk’n Jewel hair removal device?

Like most at-home light-based or laser hair removal products, results won’t be immediate. In fact, it may not look like anything has even happened! But, be patient. After about four treatments (or two months) most users begin to see noticeable reduction in unwanted hair. Also be sure to treat consistently. Every time you start a new treatment, you will notice an increase in the device’s energy level.

During the hair removal process, it may look like new hair is growing – but many of these will fall out after two weeks. The hair grows naturally in three stages, and the Jewel only treats hairs that are in the active growth stage of their cycle. This is why multiple treatments are needed to achieve hair removal.

How can I make the most of my treatments for optimal results?
  • Make sure your skin is clean and freshly shaven. Please do not wax or pluck the hairs in your treatment area prior to treatment.
  • Use the low energy setting to test each area of your body that you wish to treat. Once you’ve done this, move progressively to the highest energy setting that is safe for you and feels comfortable for your skin.
  • Maintain a regular, consistent treatment schedule to ensure you are catching all the hairs in the active growth cycle phase as they emerge. Usually, individuals see results after three or four treatments. After this, you can begin to treat on a monthly basis, and eventually, as needed for maintenance.
Should I pluck or pull my hairs out after I’ve treated them?
No. We recommend you let your hair naturally fall out which should begin to happen gradually after about two weeks of treatments. Feel free to shave your hair as much as desired in between treatments.
Is the Silk’n Jewel safe to use on my face?

Yes. All of Silkn’s hair removal devices are safe to use on the face, but only below the cheekbones. We do not recommend you use the Jewel on your eyebrows or hairline. But you can feel confident using it to safely remove hair from your upper lip!

The Silk’n Jewel also provides effective hair removal results for other sensitive areas on your face (below your cheekbones), including cheeks, sideburns, chin/jawline, and neck areas. The Jewel is also safe to use for removing back hair and bikini line hair, always being sure to follow all directions.

We remind all our users to read the device manual before using your Jewel. This will help you familiarize yourself with the treatments and technology.

Please avoid using the device directly on your lips. The color here is darker than the surrounding skin, which will attract more light and potentially cause unwanted side effects on your lips. For your safety, when treating this area, we recommend rolling your lips inward, or using white tape or a white cloth to cover them. This will help prevent accidental light flashes on the lips.

Does hair grow back after treatment?
Many physicians and aestheticians who use light or laser devices for hair removal have encountered the phenomenon of a patient’s or client’s hair growing back lighter and finer following treatment. This is also possible with the Silk’n Jewel, but we have found, if this does occur, the hair is often just a fraction of the original amount and continuing treatment may give you the results you desire.
How does the Silk’n Jewel work on naturally dark or sun-tanned skin?

Silk’n hair removal devices use home pulsed light (HPL) technology, where a flash of light targets hair’s pigment and is then transformed into heat, which then destroys the follicle at its root. This light cannot tell the difference between skin and hair pigment. So, if you have dark skin, instead of being drawn to the hair, the flash of light may be drawn to your skin, which may result in adverse reactions.

To find out what level of energy is appropriate for your skin type, take a look at the Fitzpatrick scale below:

Even if your type of skin fits within the safe range, we still recommend you use your hair removal device with caution. Start with a test flash on each area of skin you plan to treat, at each energy level. Then, wait 24 to 48 hours, and if there is no reaction, you can feel confident going ahead with full treatment in this area. Do this same sequence of testing and waiting, at each energy level, for each area of your body.

Of note, during the summer season, individuals of all skin types should carefully protect their treatment areas from the sun. Use sun block or cover up the areas you are treating so your skin does not darken.

Some individuals take a break from hair removal treatment during summer because their skin darkens from the sun’s rays.

Your Jewel device manual will have more details on how both sun tanning and artificial tanning may affect your hair removal treatment.

How effective is the Jewel at removing unwanted hair in men?
Like all of Silkn’s HPL hair removal devices, the Jewel is highly effective at removing both women’s and men’s hair. We do remind our users that men’s facial hair can be hard to treat, and using the Jewel or other HPPL-based devices may not achieve the look desired. Treatment may result in an unnaturally smooth look on the face, instead of the desired “freshly shaven” look. But, we have found using the Jewel to remove neck and back hair from men has been highly successful. Of note, face and chest hairs require a greater number of treatments in men than women for desired results.
Is it suitable for everyone?
It is suitable for both women and men. For good results and for your own safety, it is important to understand if your hair and skin colour are suitable for treatment with this device. Please view the Hair and Skin Colour chart on our website. You can also find this chart on each packaging. This device is not designed for everyone's condition, therefore please read the contraindications in the user manual in its entirety before you start your treatments.
What kind of age restrictions does the Jewel have?
We don’t recommend individuals under the age of 16 use the Silk’n Jewel, or any of our HPL hair removal devices. The body undergoes a number of hormonal changes during adolescence, so treatments may be less effective at this time. There is no maximum age for adults who want to use the Jewel, but treatments tend to have less of an effect on grey hairs.
Can I use the Jewel to treat skin that has been tattooed, or on top of moles or freckles?
The Jewel should not be used on tattooed skin, or on top of raised moles, freckles or beauty marks. To avoid these areas, we recommend placing white surgical tape or a white cloth over them while treating the area to help prevent accidental flashes. Please read through your Jewel user manual for a complete list of safety recommendations for your device, or get in touch with us for support.
Is it effective on white, grey or blonde hairs?
It works best on darker hair types, or hair that contains more melanin. Melanin is the pigment which gives hair and skin its colour, and it absorbs light energy. Black and dark brown hair have the best outcome, although brown and light brown hair will also respond positively. However, they typically require more hair removal sessions. Red, white, grey and blond hair may show some response, but may require more treatments. Therefore, we don't recommend it for those who have dark or very tanned skin with white-colored hair.
In which areas can it be used?
In general, it can be used on the body and face, except for the eye area, nipples and genitals. For all exceptions to the rule due to (skin) conditions and/or diseases, please read the manual carefully (can be found online and in the package of the product).
Is it safe?
With Silk’n safety comes first. HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology is able to achieve permanent hair reduction results at a fraction of the energy level used in professional light-based hair removal equipment. The low energy used in Silk’n hair removal devices reduces its potential to cause harm or complications, and contributes to your overall safety.
Does the treatment hurt?
Most users report no pain at all or just feeling a slight sensation of heat and tingling when a light pulse is emitted. Users with thicker and darker hairs may feel slightly more discomfort, but this discomfort subsides once the hair removal session is completed. For your convenience, this device has five energy levels that can be set according to sensitivity and tolerance. It is important that you don't treat the same area of skin more than once per hair removal session as this increases the likelihood of adverse effects.
What is the Skin Colour Sensor?
This is a built-in safety sensor which stops the device from emitting a light pulse if your skin tone is too dark for treatment. The sensor ensures that your skin is being protected.
How does the Touch & Glide technology work?
Silk'n Jewel has an entirely different design to similar HPL™ hair removal devices on the market today. It only has one button, which you can use to turn the device on or off or to switch to a different power level. This means you no longer have to press a pulse button to release a light flash - which will make your hair removal sessions a lot quicker and easier. Simply put the tip of the device in contact with your skin and the Jewel automatically emits a light pulse. You can choose to focus on a small area by moving the device from one spot to the next. Or you can let the device glide across a larger area, so that you can finish up in a matter of minutes.
How often should I use it?

Typical hair removal plan during a full hair growth cycle:

Treatments 1-4 - plan two weeks apart

Treatments 5-7 - plan four weeks apart

Treatments 8 + - treat as needed, until desired results are achieved.

Maintenance: from time to time some upkeep may be needed if growth is still visible.

Why doesn't the device emit a light pulse sometimes?
Make sure that your skin colour is right for treatment. If some areas of the skin are too dark (e.g. armpits or bikini line), it can be that the device will not emit a light pulse due to safety reasons. Also make sure that the treatment surface and the Skin Colour Sensor are fully attached to your skin. If the device doesn't emit a light pulse at all, it could be that the number of pulses has been used up or the lamp is broken.
For how long should I continue treatment?
A typical full hair growth cycle may take 18-24 months. During this time multiple sessions are required in order to achieve permanent hair reduction. The duration of hair removal sessions varies per person according to their body area, hair colour and how the device is used.
When can I expect results?
As with any light-based or laser hair removal device, results are not immediate. In fact, hair may sometimes appear to be growing back after a hair removal session, but typically after two weeks many of these hairs will simply fall out. Additionally, hair grows in three different stages and only hairs in an active growth stage will be affected. Thus, hairs that are not active cannot be targeted. This is one of the main reasons why multiple sessions are required to achieve the desired result.
Why does it work without cartridges?
Silk'n Jewel contains so many light pulses - enough for many treatments - no cartridges are needed. Therefore, they are not available. So there is no need to ever purchase a refill, saving you even more money!
Can I shave in between treatments?
Yes. For better results and product experience it is recommended to shave before and in between treatments. We do not recommend you to wax, because the hair shaft will be removed and therefore cannot be treated. Also, do not pluck or tweeze the hair out.
I do not want to shave my face, what can I do?
If you do not wish to shave your face, we advise you to use a trimmer, or delicate depilating cream.
Why is my hair growing, even though I treated it a week ago?

It is quite common for hair to appear as if it is still growing up to two weeks after a hair removal session. This process is known as 'ejection', and after about two weeks you'll see that these hairs simply fall out. Please note, do not pull out the treated hairs - just let them fall out naturally.

It is also possible that some hairs, due to missed application or different stages of growth, were not affected by previous treatments. These hairs will be treated in follow-up sessions, hence the reason multiple hair removal sessions are required to achieve the best results.

At what age can it be used?
This device is suitable for adults. If you are not an adult yet, it can be used from the age of 15, but only by or under the supervision of an adult.
Am I allowed to use this device when I am pregnant or nursing?
No, you are not allowed to use this device when you are pregnant or nursing.
How do I clean my device?
You can clean your device with a dry, clean cloth and a specially formulated cleaner for electronic equipment. Make sure you clean the treatment surface properly. Never immerse the device or any of its parts in water!
Can I expose treated areas to the sun?
The lowest energy level (1) is designed for safe use even after sun exposure. If you use energy levels 2-5, avoid further exposure to the sun for 4 weeks before and 2 weeks after your treatment. This applies to all skin types, even those that don't seem to tan quickly. We don't advise it, but if you have to go out in the sun after a treatment, be sure to apply sunscreen SPF30 or higher to the treated area. Do this for 2 weeks after a treatment.
Do I need the Silk'n App?

You do not necessarily need the Silk'n App; your device will also function without it. But it is very helpful. The App has a handy tool to plan your treatments in a scheduler. When it's time for your next hair removal session, the App will send you automated alerts to notify you beforehand. This way, you will never forget a session again. You can download the app on Android and iOS devices.

If you do not wish to use the App, you can use the treatment plan schedule in the user manual.

Can this device be used on the private areas including genitals?

All Silk’n hair removal products are designed for body hair removal anywhere from the face (below the cheek bone) down. It is not recommended to use Silk’n on genitals (male or female). When we use the term 'genitals' we are referring to the complete genital area. We do not recommend treating directly on the genitals as this area has more sensitive skin, as well can has more pigmentation which puts you at a greater risk of an adverse reaction blistering. The bikini line is a common treatment area for Silk'n users, however you must be careful when getting too close to the genital area. The bikini line would be considered skin along the lower abdomen and between the legs that is exposed by bikini style undergarments. We do not recommend treating the genital area but consider completing a full bikini - which will be very close, but not a full Brazilian.

Can you place Aloe Vera Gel on your skin before zapping the device for hair removal?

It is important to do your treatments on clean dry skin. No additional gels are required. Make sure you shave the area so that the light pulse can reach the root of the hair follicle. After you have completed your treatment you may apply your lotions and gels.

Do you need to wear safety glasses (dark glasses) to use this? I have seen users on Youtube put glasses on, but others did not.

All our hair removal devices have been FDA cleared for use without any safety glasses. The flash you see is no more harmful than that of a camera flash. If you prefer you can look away or close your eyes as the device is flashing. Some customers prefer to wear sunglasses during treatment to avoid the bright flash. The device is also fitted with an added safety feature that does not allow it to flash without being in complete contact with the treatment area.

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