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FaceTite Review by Daphne Osena Paez

Respected TV personality and author Daphne Osena Paez has been going to the dermatologist regularly for 10 years, pre-pandemic. Due to the health crisis, she hasn’t seen the dermatologist for almost a year now. We asked her to try FaceTite, an anti-aging at-home device that can match in-clinic results. Watch her video until the end to see results after first use!

Key Points in Ms. Paez’s review:
🔸The Skin Guru is a group that’s bringing in beauty devices that have been accredited and licensed by the FDA, Health Canada and other European bodies that regulate beauty products, so they are quite good quality. They have Professional-grade skin care devices and cosmetics.
🔸FaceTite has three mechanisms. It does collagen and elastin remodeling by bipolar RF (Radio frequency energy), red LED light and IR (Infrared) heat.
🔸It has a thermal sensor and a movement sensor.
🔸It is not wireless so it has to be wired. It comes with an adaptor and it is 100-240 volts.
🔸It comes with a slider hyaluronique gel that you use together with the device.
🔸The instructions (in the guide inside FaceTite box) is very clear.
🔸It’s (FaceTite) very relaxing.
🔸Warm but not hot.
🔸There is some heat.. you feel it. So you don’t wanna leave it in one spot, you need to glide it all the time. It has sensors that will remind you to keep on moving.


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