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Hair removal has become commonplace for both women and men in today’s modern era. No longer seen as a manly (or womanly) attribute, both sexes are becoming more aware of the options available to them in removing the unwanted bits as they strive for the ultimate in smooth and silky bodies.

With Silk’n personal hair removal devices, you can say goodbye to unwanted body hair and hello to smooth, touchable and beautiful skin.

Silk’n is perhaps most famous and best known for their HPL™ (Home Pulsed Light) technology, which allows you to easily remove unwanted hair on your body and face with light pulses with long term results. All in the private and comfort of your own home! And without the costly expense of salons!

And with a range of devices to choose from, you can get years to a life time use without the need for a replacement or a refill*.


Difference between other Hair Removal methods

Various methods are used to remove unwanted hair: waxing, plucking and shaving. The longest-lasting effects are produced by laser or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), for which you will need to visit a beauty salon or clinic. Many people find this inconvenient, as it takes a lot of time and is often expensive. Silk’n therefore invented HPL™ technology that will enable you to permanently remove unwanted hair using light in the privacy of your home. Durable HPL™ technology is derived from IPL and is considered to be its home version.


Recommended by Physicians and Dermatologists

Given the sheer effectiveness and convenience of Silk’n hair removal products, many physicians and leading dermatologists have given their thumbs up for the use of these products as the recommended way to get smooth, beautiful skin all in the comfort of your own home.


Safety is our No. 1 Priority

Paramount to hair removal is the safety factor associated with the device. All Silk’n hair removal devices have been developed with the highest safety standards in mind and all have been FDA approved as safe and effective for permanent hair removal at home. Coupled with this is the built-in safety sensor in all products that stops the device from emitting a light pulse if the device is not pressed up against the skin. This is to protect your eyes against the damage from the powerful light - further reason to make a Silk’n product rank top of your beauty list.

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